Tartu Descartes'i Lütseum: Anne 65, 50703 Tartu, tel: 7 461 800, faks: 7 461 802, e-post: kool@tdl.ee

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Tartu Descartes Lyceum

Tartu Descartes Lyceum

Tartu Descartes Lyceum (TDL) was founded in 1982 under the name of the 15th Secondary School of Tartu. Jaan Reinson became the headmaster of the school. Teaching French was already started the next autumn and until now it is the only school in South Estonia that enables intensive studies of the French language. In 1996 the name of the school was changed so that it would refer to the language and culture of France. It was chosen after René Descartes because he symbolises our school’s aim to teach students to find connections between different subjects – Descartes’ works are handled in most classes (physics, literature, maths, history, philosophy). The school has been called Descartes Lyceum since April 11 1996, the 400th anniversary of René Descartes’ birth.

A lot of foreign languages can be studied in our school - in addition to English and French, also Russian, German, Spanish, Italian and Latin. The 10th to 12th form are divided into three directions: Spanish, technology and social direction. The proportion of optional subjects is big as well. Spanish, Latin, photography, computer courses and psychology are the most popular subjects amongst more than 30 electives. During their free time students can take part in a variety of extracurricular activities like drama, art clubs and bands. Sporting options include dance, ball games, swimming, yoga etc. In the 11th form all students write a research paper on a free topic and defend it. It gives an experience in doing a scientific research and improves their performing skills.

There are more than 80 computers in the school and a 100 Mbps Internet connection. Many teachers perform their lessons in the computer classes. The school also has its own electronic mail and intranet. After each class the teachers insert marks, absences and homework of students into the intranet. Students and their parents can easily follow children's marks thanks to this system. It makes following students' results easier and more pleasant for themselves, their teachers and parents.

Teachers are friendly in TDL. Many of them have been working here for ten years or more and some of them even since the founding of our school. What’s more, several former students have returned as teachers. In addition to Estonians there are, from time to time, foreigners amongst our teachers of French who make studying the language more interesting and diverse.

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