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Main traditions
- 1st September
- Teachers’ Day
- Christmas Ministration in a church
- Christmas Cabaret
- Health Week
- French Week
- Estonian Day
- French competition of South Estonia
- Song Contest “Alouette”
- School’s Anniversary Concert
- End of the school year

In addition
- Fathers’ Day
- Motehrs’Day
- Seasonal parties
- Family Weeks
- Trips and camps

One of the most popular events in our school is the Christmas Cabaret. It’s a festive event taking place before Christmas where all gymnasium students, former school-leavers and teachers can participate. The Cabaret has a different theme each year (e.g. “Oscars’ Gala”, “Moulin Rouge”, “1001 nights” etc.) and it is organised by the students of the 12th form. During the evening it’s possible to enjoy various performances, dance, taste snacks and meet old friends.

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