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Foreign contacts and international projects

Foreign contacts and international projects

Openness has always been one of the objectives of Tartu Descartes Lyceum. Thanks to international programmes students have the possibility to communicate with peers from different countries. There is active participation in educational co-operation programmes of the European Union, student conferences, meetings and schoolings.

Comenius Projects

Comenius is an educational project of the European Union that carries out different programmes. Schools from different European countries take part in it. The objective of the project is to improve the quality of schooling and intensify its trans-europeanness. To attain this, international collaboration is encouraged between schools and language studies and the study of different cultures are promoted. Also, experiences are exchanged and the skills of language teachers are developed.

In 1997 a project called Humanitas was started. In addition to our school the participants were Liceo Scientifico L. da Vinci in Italy, Don Boscocollege in Belgium and Vasaskolan in Sweden. On September 22 to 27 in 1997 there was a joint meeting held in Trento, Italy. 20 students aged 14 to 17 from each country took part in it. In addition the young took part in the work of mini parliament. In TDL there were five working teams who took part in the project: social group, history group, physics group, drama group and language group. Thanks to this students with different interests could participate. The teachers who helped to carry out the programme were Tanel Lepsoo and Katrin Kiisler.

In 2004 the new Comenius project started. Its topic was the health of the European youth and in addition to our school the participators were 1o Gimnasio Kabala in Greece, Instituto de Educación Secundaria Floridablanca in Spain, Özel Yeni Dünya Koleji in Turkey and Zespół Szkół Rolnibzych i Ogólnokształcących in Poland. Research was carried out on how the young people’s pastime activities influence the formation of their future lifestyle. Participating teachers from our school were Camilla Meister, Jaan Reinson, Tőnis Eelma, Katrin Tikko, Karin Jőks, Kaja Haljasmets, Kersti Janson, Svetlana Keisk and Evelin Rand.

Partner schools

Over the years Tartu Descartes Lyceum's partner schools have been: Tunabersskolan, Gottsundaskolan, Stenebergsskolan and Brynässkolan in Sweden and Kiimingin Yläaste in North Finland. The students and teachers of our school have visited those schools several times and their delegations have visited Estonia. Apart from them the school has connections with Malakoff Vid. Skole in Norway and Lycée Descartes de Tours and Collége Salies du Salat in France. We have also received guests from Stockholm Jacob Gymnasium, Estonian School in Riga, Dommaringen School, Cracow in Poland and Aachen in Germany.

Conference "Exploratory learning"

From March 1999 to 2003 there was a series of conferences called "Exploratory Learning". Five schools took part in it - Kuressaare Gymnasium, Saaremaa Gymnasium, the 32¬th Secondary School of Tallinn, Vőru Kreutzwald Gymnasium and Tartu Descartes Lyceum. The conference was organised by a different school each time and it lasted for one to three days. During this time the students, teachers and former school-leavers of participant schools presented colloquiums.

Youth camps in Luçon

From 1999 to 2003 TDL took part in a project funded by the European Union that enabled students from different countries to spend two weeks in Luçon, France in a youth camp. There were participants from France, Finland, Estonia, and Germany. During the first years the project was supported by the government of Tartu. It was a work camp where students did very different kinds of things, e.g. renovated an old-fashioned bread stove, cleaned camping lots, cut tree branches etc. Whilst doing this they could communicate with peers from different countries and make new friends. They also took trips to the Atlantic, Futuroscope and other places. Students and teachers have very nice memories from the time spent in those camps.

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